BioMuseo Panama

Fachada Este del Biomuseo.©Victoria Murillo/Istmophoto.com

The BioMuseo may be one of the most interesting museums you will visit when you study here in Panama. Upon entry, you will feel very welcomed by the courtesy of the staff. Not into science? You’ll still love it.


Registro obra Biomuseo Marzo 2013.©Victoria Murillo/Istmophoto.com

They will help you understand the entire process of the museum and are very knowledgeable on every exhibit. There are many staff members throughout the museum to help answer any questions you may have. The entire staff is also bilingual so that shouldn’t be a worry either.

The museum for nonresident students is $11 dollars. This includes access to the entire museum, an audio phone for an audio tour of the exhibits, as well as, written descriptions and interactive exhibits to help you further understand. Once exiting the museums, there are multiple pillars with rich history of Natives, hunting, formation of Panama, the first beings, and so much more fascinating history.



One of the best exhibits at the museum is the “Panamaramic” room. It is a room filled with screens on every wall, and even the floor and ceiling. This exhibit shows a panoramic video of the biodiversity within Panama. It is an amazing, 6-minute video, and it will have your attention the entire time. After you finish touring the museum, be sure to stop at the gift shop to see the jaw of one of the largest sharks ever to live.


Biomuseo, Panamá, septiembre 2014. @Fernando Alda



The view of Panama outside the museum is beautiful. There is an ocean and skyline view that is on the other side of the coast. When visiting the museums, make sure to take in the beauty of Panama.


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