Panamanian Football

As we approach the final game of the group stages for Panama, let’s talk about our students first experience. Our study abroad students attended the Panama v. Northern Ireland friendly. This was the World Cup sendoff game for Panama, so you can imagine, they were in for an eventful evening. They purchased their Panamanian jerseys and went along for the journey of their first Panamanian football game.


Game day traffic was the heaviest they have ever seen. A 15-minute drive took over an hour and a half. Panama was dressed in all red and the stadium was filled with laughter, excitement, and people.  One of our students mentioned, they have never seen a stadium of people complete the wave three times in a row without error.


The crowd never lost their excitement. They humidity, heat, nor rain put a halt to anything. Of course, its Panama. The students had an amazing time. They described this game as something they have never before experienced, even having went to different professional sporting events in United States.


Unfortunately, the students did not get to experience the beer showers due to their being no goals scored. They seemed okay with that! We are glad our students enjoyed the game. They have gained the Panamanian spirit and will be cheering Panama on for the last match in the group stage of the World Cup.

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