Bike Ride at Cinta Costera

Cinta Costera is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Cinta Costera is a long stretch of the oceanfront waterfront and a coastal walkway for visitors. Along this walkway, there are various food vendors selling * Fruits and fruit salad , meat on a stick , snow cones , popsicles , water and candy . Most items are $ 1. Your Spanish does not need to be the best in order to enjoy the beauty of Cinta Costera. 

Along the coastal walkway, there are bikes that are $ 4 per hour. Renting bikes will allow you to view the entire coast in a timely fashion. It is possible to ride from end to end in one hour, but where is the fun in that. It is recommended to allocate 2 hours in order to take in the beauty of the coast. Be sure, when walking along the coast, to stop at the Panama sign for a photo op.


QLU students stopped for a photo op

QLU Study Abroad Students Enjoying Coastal Strip













Near the end of the coast lies an amazing Fish Market, also known as Mercado de Mariscos. The moment you step on the market, many will try to entice you to come to their restaurant. Panamanians may be the most enticing people you met. You will not know what restaurant to try, but they are all welcoming. The food is great in every restaurant and every restaurant has the same dishes with small variations in the ingredients and seasoning. Do not be intimidate by the fish. We promise it will taste amazing!


Our students enjoying the food at Mariscos de Mercado


*Translation in Spanish and how to ask for it:

  • Frutas y ensalada de frutas (mango – mangoes, piñas – pineapples, melón – melon) Fruits and fruit salad: Me da una ensalada de frutas, por favor?
  • Carne en palito – meat on a stick: Yo quiero una carne en palito, por favor.
  • Raspado-snow cones: Quisiera un raspado, por favor.
  • Paleta- popsicles: Me puede dar una paleta, por favor?
  • Agua- water: Me gustaría una botella de agua, por favor.
  • Pastillas-candy: Yo quiero pastillas.
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