5 Characteristics to Know Panama is for You

Not sure if you should choose to study in Panama? This is how you will know if Panama is definitely for you.

You enjoy warm weather.

Panama has two seasons, rain and dry. Even during the rain season, it is hot. If you are like me and love hot weather, you will enjoy it here. I studied in Panama during the rain season and still had many fun in the sun adventures.

You love the beach.

Panama is full of beaches. You have many beaches to choose from, as well as many different activities on those beaches. You can go to a beach on the Pacific or even on the Caribbean Sea. You have that option in Panama. Remember I said it is always hot, so every day is a beach day.

You love rice!

In the past, I would not identify as “loving” rice, but after being in Panama and tasting the many different ways Panamanians can spruce up white and brown rice, I must say, I love rice.

You have a creative mind.

Whether you like to take photos, paint, write, or play music, Panama will inspire you. I like to write poetry and Panama allows me to relax as well as take in the natural beauty, eventually becoming an inspiration in my writing.

You love learning.

Wherever you go, Panamanians always teach you something. I can write a list of fun facts I learned while studying in Panama, from the Panamanians themselves.

You enjoy relaxing.

Panamanians are a very relaxed group of people. They rarely rush anything. If you would like to go to a coffee shop and read a book, or go out to eat and watch the game without feeling rushed, you can do that here.

You enjoy dancing.

Panama has a very diverse group of cultures. Because of this, a variety of music and dance is prominent here. Whatever style of dancing you like or are interested in, you can find it. Whether it is going out late at night to go dancing or going to a class to learn something new, you can find it in Panama!

Yes, I can count. I know that I listed more than 5, but if you can relate to at least 5, then Panama is for you. Come study in Panama.

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