Places to Eat When Studying Abroad in Panama

If you are anything like me, you love to try food when you go to different places! I am here to help. I will direct you to some of the great places I have eaten at since being abroad in Panama.

Tacos La Neta

Have a taste for tacos? Tacos La Neta is located in Casco Viejo and has a diverse selection of tacos for a great price. They offer 3 for $10 tacos. I tried the squid, chicken, and fish taco. Yeah, I’m “that” person. They were delicious! The waiter gave us different sauces to choose from, but my favorite was the hottest of course (El Mas Chingon). It was so delicious, I just had to deal with the heat.







If you are looking for a great burger joint,  Slabon Café is the place to go. They have a menu with great appetizers and over 20 burger options. Yes, over 20! Slabon Café is located in Obarrio, Panama.






Fonda Lo Que Hay

Fonda Lo Que Hay, also located in Casco Viejo, is a great place for dinner.  It is a fairly inexpensive restaurant, and if you choose to get one of the larger meals, you can share with someone. The fish is amazing and comes with sweet plantains and plantain chips. Others tried the chicken, it was quite large as well, and they said it was amazing. Tip: They do not open until 6:30pm. I had to learn the hard way.




As I mentioned above, I had to learn the hard way that Fonda Lo Que Hay did not open until 6:30. During my moment to kill time, I went to Tántalo’s rooftop happy hour. Tántalo is located in Casco Viejo, you can’t miss it. I did not want to spoil my appetite, so I had something small. I tried the shrimp mac and cheese. WOW! I never had shrimp mac and cheese, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I don’t need it. It was amazing!





La Tapa Del Coco

This restaurant was my favorite! La Tapa Del Coco is an Afro-Panamanian restaurant in the San Francisco area.  I tried the jerk chicken, which came with rice and coleslaw. It was the best rice I have had in Panama. Actually, the best rice I have eaten, ever. The chicken was also amazing. The jerk wasn’t the type of jerk I was anticipating; It was more sweet than spicy, but it was great.





There are other great taco, burger, and fish restaurants I did not mention, or just have not got around to trying yet. As one can see,  I have yet to be disappointed. If you are looking for a website to find food, try Degusta. Degusta is similar to Yelp when looking for restaurants. Yes, you can use your google chrome translation option to translate it. Glad I could help!

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